Toxic Relationship Fallout

Negativity can be everywhere, like the water surrounding a boat. It sinks us when we let it inside.

Hidden Agendas.

Harsh Words.

Manipulation. Possessive Control.


Constant Complaining

Never Enough.

Fierce Judgment.

Empty Stares. Interrupting. Disapproval.

Impossible Expectations.

Gaslighting. Lacking Empathy.

My client will ask, “It doesn’t matter what I do, he/she is never happy. What am I doing wrong?”

My answer, ”Nothing.”

Judgment is subjective. What is wrong to one person could be wonderful to someone else.

I am interested in what feels right for you. Are you making decisions for you?

Many times, clients start without a clear understanding of their own standards of behavior, so they leave decisions up to others.

That‘s where our work begins.

Your life is full of great possibilities — I want to help you achieve them.

Love, Lauren


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