Toxic Relationships

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Narcissistic relationships can show up at work, home, or with friends. Narcissism is a spectrum disorder. On one end, there is a personality disorder and on the opposite end is co-dependency. In the middle is healthy narcissism, the ability to seek personal growth and have empathy.

The characteristics along the spectrum are the same but specific behaviors will be different. Overt narcissism is a grandiose self-entitlement, and the harder to identify but just as damaging, covert narcissism, is hidden (an undermining whisper in the ear, the unnerving cycle of being used and discarded). Malignant narcissism is a desire to inflict pain and suffering as enjoyment.

The way out of these manipulations is to stop internalizing the crazy-making behaviors (gaslighting), increase self-worth and implement boundaries. Peace will begin to shine through as we work on what is driving the energies at work and home and change the response. Once understanding is clear, it amazes me every time when I see the tremendous growth in a client. Feelings drive behaviors which drive outcomes. It’s emotional heavy lifting but worth it... the path to owning your life.

Contact us if you are ready to heal and move past the pull of the narcissistic relationship.


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