My 2020 Goals

Forever ago, I remember waking up (not from sleep) from drifting through life. I spent so much of my time reacting to the fires of owning a business, last minute plans and the attempt to live up to my ideal image of a what a person should be. Anxiety and expectations ruled my decision processes and life was exhausting. What I had allowed my months to become was not what I had originally desired my life to be.

Best thing I ever did for my family, my business and myself was to get out of that energy and buy a planner... a cute one with stickers back in the day. I held myself accountable to designing my time. When I was at work, I worked. When I was at home, I played. By taking control of my time, I took control over my intention for living. The process has allowed me to discover my purpose, highest values and what brings me joy. It has allowed me to create an environment I can't wait to explore and show up for relationships which mean the world to me.

I've fine tuned planning over the years and now I follow these steps for my business and personal life. Sharing...

1. Review my planner from the previous year to see my progress throughout.

2. Imagine my ideal professional and personal life.

3. Pick an intention word for the year to come. 4. Set goals, metrics, and deadlines. 5. Select & Design my new planner.

6. Share my goals with people who will be impacted.

Reviewing the previous year's planner is a critical step as it shows where the journey began, bumps in the road and continuing story. Gratitude shines through each review which is the secret to joyful living.

Yes, these steps take time. I break it out over a week in November and greatly look forward to living my year now.

Some of my favorites...

If you want to change your life, start by being intentional with your hours.

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By Lauren Douglass


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