Mastering vs. Controlling the Mind

I‘m not good enough. If they saw who I really am, they wouldn’t love me. I can’t do it. I’m stuck here.

The self-doubt can creep at the most pivotal part when making decisions for the rest of your life. What messages are you telling yourself during this time? Are you the worst critic?

Mastering thoughts is much different than attempting to control them. Mastering is about acknowledging what is being said and making the conscious choice to reframe the negative talk. Trying to control a thought by pushing it aside, does not allow you the power to move through it and change it for the future. The negative isn’t ignored, it will show up in your health and self-care. To master the thought is to notice it and change it.

Try these phrases instead.

I will figure this out. Being my authentic self will change my inner circle of people who embrace my uniqueness.

I’m going to try it. I have options.


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