The Apology for Taking Up Space

If you find yourself starting most sentences with the words “I’m sorry,” you may be apologizing for the wrong reasons.

Ask yourself what you are apologizing for. Have you injured someone? Or could it be because you have a need and feel guilty for taking up space in the world? Changing a meeting time, requesting additional information, or reminding someone about what you originally asked for do not warrant an apology.

An apology is used when you have hurt someone and not when you have a need. Your needs are important. They help you accomplish a joyful life, which you deserve as much as everyone else.

Words hold power.

As an option, you can front-load gratitude. Replace "I'm sorry" with "thank you."

I need to change the meeting time, thank you for being flexible.

Thank you for making an adjustment as this assignment required the original plans.

I am not understanding this part, thank you for clarifying.

Appreciation is a leadership quality. It’s catching someone doing something which will enhance the relationship. I've noticed the excessive use in apologizing more so in women, not to say men are excluded... it has been my personal perception.

Apologizing for a need is about you relieving the shame. Overtime, this slight word adjustment in gratitude will assist you becoming comfortable in stating your needs and allow you to stand in your value.

Use the apologies for when you’ve hurt someone. They will be much more meaningful and won't take away from you your voice.

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